Avoid Common Mistakes in Hiring a Paver

One of the worst things to happen to a homeowner is having their property misrepresented by shoddy contractor work. This can occur during paver installation in San Dieego if you don’t take time to avoid these common mistakes when hiring paving contractors.

Not Conducting a Background Check

Many homeowners will hire a contractor without asking for their credentials. This is a big mistake because paving contractors may have been sued before or even had complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau. Instead of going on a whim, make sure you conduct thorough research in order to find someone who won’t present problems down the road.

A Paving Company is Only as Good as it’s Crew

Even if you find a good paving company, the crew that is working on your project can make or break it. If you choose a contractor who has been around for a long time but hires incompetent workers, this could end up being an even bigger problem than low bids.

Choosing a Contractor based on Price Alone

Another big mistake is choosing a paving contractor that is cheap. While that might sound good on the surface, the quality of the work is often sub-par. If you are looking for a long term investment, this might not be the best way to go about things.

Hiring a Contractor who uses Poor Quality Materials

You need to make sure they are using quality materials when installing pavers. Obviously, if you are going to invest in such a high-dollar addition to your property you want it to last and look good for years to come. Make sure your paving company is using the best materials.

We do!

Do not hire contractors who ignore the details – or worse yet, do shoddy work and then disappear without a word when it comes time for warranty work. Call Master San Diego Pavers for a free, no-obligation price quote. You’ll be glad you did.